Krispy Kreme Offering Oreo-Glazed Doughnuts For First Time Ever

Doughnut connoisseurs will have the chance to put even more sugar in every bite when they next visit Krispy Kreme as the company has announced they're teaming up with OREO and equipping their iconic glaze waterfall with OREO Cookie glaze. Starting today you can go to Krispy Kreme and get two new OREO inspired doughnuts, marking the first time in the 84-year history of Krispy Kreme has ever collaborated with another brand to develop an all-new glaze for its signature waterfall. Not only does this bring a new way to enjoy OREO but also Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

The two new doughnuts that are available include:

  • OREO Cookie Glazed Doughnut: The Original Glazed Doughnut covered in rich OREO Cookie Glaze, filled with Cookies and KREME, and finished with an icing drizzle and OREO Cookie pieces
  • OREO Cookie Over-The-Top Doughnut: OREO Cookie Over-the-Top Doughnut – an OREO Cookie Glazed Doughnut topped with Cookies and KREME filling, drizzled with chocolate icing and finished with an OREO Cookie wafer.
krispy kreme oreo doughnuts

“We’ve taken everything fans love about OREO Cookies and ‘glazeifed’ it,” Dave Skena, Krispy Kreme Chief Marketing officer said in a statement.

Assuming that doughnuts that taste like OREOs aren't the only thing you want to grab at Krispy Kreme, they also offer the all-new OREO Mocha Chiller, described as: "a frozen espresso-based beverage blended with OREO® Cookie pieces and topped with whipped cream and OREO® Cookie crumbs."


Krispy Kreme recently made headlines when it was announced that anyone with a COVID-19 vaccination card would present it to Krispy Kreme staff and receive one free Original Glazed doughnut, with the offer being available for the entirety of 2021. Perhaps to the excitement of party poopers that tut-tut'd the free doughnut program, the all-new OREO doughnuts will need to be purchased and aren't available for free.

Another ongoing promotion at Krispy Kreme is “Be Sweet Weekends.” , where guests who purchase any dozen will receive an offer for an additional “Be Sweet Dozen” to share with a friend or neighbor for $1. The Original Glazed dozen with a special smiley-face doughnut will be available for nine consecutive Saturday‑Sundays, March 27th through May 23rd. Krispy Kreme will also offer one free medium coffee and a free Original Glazed doughnut, no purchase necessary, every Monday, from March 29th through May 24th.

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