WWE Gives New Status Update on Rey Mysterio's Eye Injury

WWE has issued a new status update on Rey Mysterio's eye injury following getting his eye ripped out by Seth Rollins during the Extreme Rules pay-per-view event. Following the pay-per-view, WWE reported that doctors were hopeful they would be able to save Rey Mysterio's vision because the optic nerve had seemingly not been severed, and thus there would not be too much strain on the blood vessels and veins on his eye -- thus potentially saving his vision. According to a new status update from WWE, this currently seems like the case as Rey Mysterio is now on the road to recovering his vision.

WWE stated the following on an update to the initial report that Rey Mysterio had to be treated for a potential globe luxation, "WWE Digital has learned that Rey Mysterio’s vision is improving slowly each day, and that his optic nerve is intact, completely secured and back in its socket. A timeline for Mysterio’s return to the ring is unknown at this time." So yes, Rey Mysterio's eye is back in his head.

Rey Mysterio has had a rough go about it on WWE Monday Night Raw in the last few months. Not only was he thrown off the roof of the WWE corporate building (onto a smaller, secondary roof) during Money in the Bank, but he's been rocking one eye following Seth Rollins' attack the night after that pay-per-view. This eventually led to the "eye for an eye" stipulation for their Extreme Rules match, which ended with Rollins gruesomely (but less gruesomely than initially reported) pulling out Mysterio's last good eye.

(Photo: WWE)

This lines up with reports behind the scenes as well that noted that Rey Mysterio had been working without an official WWE contract for a while, and thus him losing his last good eye gave the WWE team an out just in case he did not decide to continue working with them. This is just conjecture, but seeing this update that Rey Mysterio will indeed be allowed to keep his vision (and not have to work with an eyepatch for the rest of his WWE career) might mean that things behind the scenes have cleared up as well.

But what do you think? Did you expect Rey Mysterio to lose both eyes and work a blind wrestler angle? Were you expecting for Mysterio to wear an eyepatch? What did you think of the eye ripping overall? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments!

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