PlayStation 5: Reported Survey Could Indicate PS5 Price

For a lot of gamers, the release of the PlayStation 5 might be the most-anticipated debut for the rest of the year. The next-gen console is set to offer groundbreaking new achievements in regards to graphics and gameplay, as well as a lot of exclusive new titles. One topic of debate in recent months has been exactly how much the PS5 could cost, and a new rumor could provide an indication of that. Reddit user youessbee recently revealed that they took part in a Nielsen survey, which asked about certain consoles and their digital alternatives, and how their features do or don't justify the cost. The survey asked them about a potential £349 price tag (or $435) for the PS5, and a £259 price tag or ($323) for the digital edition.

I took part in a survey about the price of the PS5. from r/PS5

Youessbee stresses that this shouldn't be taken as gospel, as some of the products they've previously reviewed ultimately have a 20% increase in price by the time they're released. Still, that increase would theoretically put the PS5 at £418 (or $521), and the digital edition at £310 (or $386).

Of course, these numbers are still not a clear confirmation of what the PS5 price will ultimately be, but it might give fans an indication of what price range Sony is theoretically looking at.

"Conventional wisdom and history show that our business is one of the more recession-proof businesses," PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan said in an interview last month. "But I think this will sharpen our need to ensure that we focus on getting the value equation right. And I emphasize value as opposed to price."

Previous leaks have suggested that the PS5 could retail anywhere from $600 to $700, but industry speculation has suggested otherwise. As we march closer to the console's release later this year, we'll hopefully get a bit more detail in one way or another.


The PlayStation 5 is currently scheduled to release worldwide sometime later this year. Below, you can continue to read more about the next-gen system: