PS4 Update Removes Several Features Angering PlayStation Fans

This week, a new PS4 update was released by PlayStation, adding a slew of new features and improvements to the PlayStation 4 experience. Unfortunately, for Sony, the update also broke PSN for many players and raised major privacy issues. The update also contained a surprise free gift for players and another less exciting surprise. As you may have noticed, following the update, the PS4 is missing a few features. None of the features are super notable, but PlayStation fans are wondering why this late into the generation the console is losing features.

More specifically, the 8.00 update has removed the ability to create Events or access existing Events created by users. Further, the ability to create private Communities via the Community app on the console is gone. However, if you already have existing private Communities, you will still be able to access them.

It's unclear why Sony has removed these options. While it notes the removal of the features, it doesn't divulge any reasons. It's possible Sony was seeing little engagement with these features and decided they weren't worth maintaining. Meanwhile, it's also possible they've been axed ahead of the PS5, which could overhaul or eradicate the need for the features.

In addition to this, the PlayStation Store is being updated, which will also come with the removal of a variety of features, including the Wishlist option. And again, it's unclear why this feature is being removed.


That said, if Sony provides any further details or explanation on the removal of these features, we will be sure to update the story with whatever is provided, but at this point, it doesn't look like any more information will be dished out.

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