PlayStation 5 Event 2020: Start Time, How to Watch, Possible PS5 Games, and Console Specs Reveal

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation 5 event is set to take place later today and is [...]

Sony Interactive Entertainment's PlayStation 5 event is set to take place later today and is largely expected to focus on the next-gen console's various games. This event was supposed to take place last week, Sony pushed the event back a week after Sony made room for voices discussing racial injustices and the Black Lives Matter cause following the death of George Floyd and resulting protests against police brutality and racism.

It is likely we'll see game play from new titles planned for the PlayStation 5 and more during Sony's event, though details are sparse. We do know the event will last for longer than past reveals and State of Play events, however, so prepare to be watching the livestream for a bit longer than usual.

Since the event was announced, there have been plenty of rumors about what games we'll see from the stream, whether we'll see anything else other than games, and overall expectations for the PlayStation 5 event. To hopefully answer all your questions in one spot, check out our guide below starting with how and when to watch as well as some insights into what we might see there.

How/When to Watch the PlayStation 5 Event

  • What: PS5 – The Future of Gaming Event
  • Date: June 11, 2020
  • Time: 1 p.m. PDT, 4 p.m. EDT
  • Online stream: PlayStation channels on Twitch and YouTube or in the player below

How Long Is the PlayStation 5 Event?

Compared to the occasional State of Play events we've been seeing periodically, this PlayStation 5 event will be a bit longer. Sony said "this digital showcase will run for a bit more than an hour," so be sure to carve out some time for the showcase or keep it around in the background.

Which PlayStation 5 Games Will We See?

This question's a tricky one to answer because nobody knows for sure. Rumors and leaks from insiders and those not-so-inside have tried to predict what we'll see during the PlayStation 5 event, but unlike the previous Xbox events which would go ahead and confirm appearances from things like Assassin's Creed Valhalla, no game has been confirmed for the PlayStation 5 event.

If you do put stock in those rumors, there are plenty to go off of. Some people think God of War 2 or whatever the sequel will be called will make an appearance even if there's little to back that up. Amazon also put up a bunch of placeholders for games supposedly planned for the PlayStation 5, but even though those placeholders touted some big publishers, we don't know what the games are or if they're even real. One of the more plausible ideas is that we'll see something about Bloodborne being remastered for the next-gen PlayStation and for PCs, but even that isn't confirmed.

All that goes to say that we don't really know what's coming from the event in terms of games, but we'll hopefully get some actual gameplay from Sony. One thing to keep in mind is that the games being shown are being played at 1080p and 30FPS, and Sony advised viewers to wear headphones so they can pick up on "some cool audio work."

Will There Be News About the PlayStation 5 Console?

All we know about the PlayStation 5 console right now is based on some specs revealed months ago, some discussions about how the console will handle backwards compatibility, the reveal of the DualSense controller, and a lot of patents which may or may not show what's planned for the console. We know it's releasing some time during Holiday 2020, but it doesn't yet have a confirmed release date. That sounds like a lot, but even with all that, we still haven't actually seen the console itself.

It's unclear of that will change during the PlayStation 5 event, but we can probably expect to see something about the console itself in addition to the games it'll play. Some people thought they heard a boot-up sound for the PlayStation 5 which isn't a bad guess seeing how Xbox teased something similar ahead of its recent event. An Amazon listing also supposedly revealed the price of the console which would be news to everyone since the price point has been a popular topic of discussion since we don't know that either.

Will Everything About the PlayStation 5 Be Revealed?

Regardless of what happens during the event on Thursday, expect to have several questions remaining afterwards. Sony itself said it will "still have much to share" with people after the week's event as part of a series of PlayStation 5 events, so don't be surprised if not everything's answered. By tuning into the July 11th event, however, you'll hopefully be able to finish the stream with fewer questions than you started with.

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